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2017, SofarSounds Wellington

'Boy from Appalachia' by Fraser Mack ©2016

I feel my older tracks are not up to scratch with where I am now in my career as a musician. At the time, when I recorded both EPs, I was a teenager... and while I still may be young I have come a long way from those days.

​Although the EPs represent the songs I write, they do not embody the quality of music I produce in my live shows today. All of my older music is now free to download on a “pay what you want” basis. If you would like to support my music further, please head over to my Patreon and check that out to be an active member helping me to produce music.

​Feedback is encouraged  - good or bad, it will mean the content I produce will become better and better. Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

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