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2017, SofarSounds Wellington

'Boy from Appalachia' by Fraser Mack ©2016

When I recorded my EPs ('Acoustic Equinox' and 'Red to Fade'), I was a teenager... and while I may be still relatively young, my music has evolved quite a bit since then. I play differently, I've written more songs and I have access to better tech.

​The EPs don't really embody the quality and energy I produce in my live shows today. Therefore, all of my older music is now free to download on a “pay what you want” basis. You can also find my songs on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Twitch, Pandora, Amazon and a few other streaming services.

If you would like to support my music further, please head over to my Patreon and check that out. Become one of my patrons and be an integral part of my journey.

​I really appreciate and want your feedback - good or bad doesn't matter - it will mean the content I produce can only become better and better. 


Please leave your thoughts by commenting on my music videos , or when you visit my FaceBook page or become my patron.

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